The Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapter is committed to being involved as a four-year nonprofit, disability related partner supporting the mission of the USDA National AgrAbility Project. Our goal is to provide education and support of agricultural professionals and their families who have been affected by arthritis so that a farmer, rancher, or farm worker may continue to live a productive life in agriculture.

The term "arthritis" refers to an inflammation of a joint. Arthritis can reduce strength and mobility for performing even the most routine of chores around work or home. It is one of the most common disabling conditions, but can be managed through diet, exercise, education, and care.

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Arthritis affects approximately one-third of all adult farm and ranch operators and is considered one of the leading causes of disability by customers of the USDA AgrAbility Project. With the average age of the American farmer climbing above 57, increasingly more farmers will find tasks difficult to complete. Many agricultural workers do not know they may be at risk of developing arthritis.

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For many Americans, the joy of outdoor activities doesn’t lessen just because the weather turns colder. Hiking, camping, golfing, biking, and other outdoor activities are great ways to exercise while enjoying the beautiful natural settings of rural America. These pleasures don’t have to be given up because of arthritis pain. Hiking and biking are great activities for maintaining joint flexibility, range of motion, and quality of life if they are within the body's physical limitations. Refer to the December newsletter in the Resources page for more health tips on outdoor recreation.

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